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LINE Corporation will be inviting attendees and press at the G20 Fukuoka Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting taking place on June 8 and 9, 2019 to try out their new Cashless Payment & Communication features, the key to a cashless society, via the G20 FUKUOKA LINE official account.

"No Search, No Translation, No Wallet"
Smart Omotenashi(Hospitality)on LINE.

According to a Japan Tourism Agency survey, common problems faced by visitors to Japan include finding out about places to visit and restaurants, communicating with staff at places they visit, and payment methodskome.
Through the G20 FUKUOKA LINE official account, LINE will introduce its Cashless Payment & Communication features, which allow people to find out about tourist spots and restaurants without needing to search for them, order without needing an interpreter, and pay without their wallet. Travel couldn't be any easier than this!

■ Main features
Personalized tour guide

Big data geo-analytics specialist Nightley Inc. provides tourist spot recommendations personalized to each user, working from data about how popular each Fukuoka City tourist spot is with each nationality. "No Search, No Translation" tourist information guidance matches individual user's tastes, offering guidance to places outside of the usual tourist destinations as well as payment solutions at destinations.



Feeling hungry? You can order and pay for food at restaurants using LINE. LINE will even tell you when your order's ready! Communication's a snap with "No Translation, No Wallet"! This feature was beta tested at the G20 Fukuoka Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting World Kitchen event that took place on January 9, 20193


Growing the local economy via inbound tourism and moving toward a truly cashless society

One effective way of combating the problems of declining birth rates and an aging population on Kyushu's economy is by investing in inbound tourism.
In order to offer easy payment services for foreign tourists, and also to enable our member stores to add foreign tourists to their domestic customer base, we announced our vision of a "Global Alliance" in 2019. We intend to make it possible for visitors to Japan from participating countries and regions such as South Korea and China to pay at LINE PAY member stores without having to download any new apps or register for any new services.

However, facilitating payments is not the only challenge at hand here. What about all the communication issues that can arise before and after payments are made, and the lost transactions that can result? We believe that facilitating smooth communication is essential to satisfying the needs of foreign tourists visiting Japan.
The LINE Group has been closely involved with Fukuoka City's move towards cashless transactions, participating in cashless transaction trials and the like. We have come a long way together, even making it possible to pay city taxes and other bills via LINE Pay since April 2014, but we're not finished yet! We don't want cashless payments to simply be an alternative to paying with cash, but rather something that will impact and enrich the lives of the people of the city. Facilitating communication around transactions is a vital piece in this puzzle.

We look forward to introducing our comprehensive range of features to both Japanese and foreign attendees at the G20 event, and to the valuable feedback that we will get from this regarding the usability of these services.

The LINE Group isn't stopping here. We will continue to be exploit our cutting-edge technologies in areas such as AI and FinTech in order to make a prosperous and convenient Smart City a reality.

■ References

(Japanese version) 

LINE、G20 FUKUOKAにてスマートなおもてなし「検索いらず・通訳いらず・財布いらず」な体験を提供

LINEは、2019年6月8日・9日実施の「G20福岡 財務大臣・中央銀行総裁会議」に来訪される会議関係者・海外メディア関係者を対象に、キャッシュレス社会実現の鍵となる「キャッシュレス決済+コミュニケーション」機能を、G20 FUKUOKAのLINE公式アカウントを通しトライアル提供いたします。


今回G20 FUKUOKAのLINE公式アカウントを通してご提供するのは、「LINE」があれば「検索いらずで観光地やお店を知る」「通訳いらずで商品を注文する」「財布いらずで支払いをする」という一連の観光体験がスムーズに進む、「キャッシュレス決済+コミュニケーション」機能です。

① パーソナライズ観光案内

位置情報ビッグデータ解析技術を持つ株式会社ナイトレイ(本社:東京都渋谷区南平台町15-11 代表取締役社長:石川 豊 ※2)より、福岡市の国籍別人気施設データの提供を受け、ユーザー毎にパーソナライズされた観光情報をレコメンド。「検索いらず・通訳いらず」でより個々人の嗜好にマッチした観光案内を実現するとともに、定番観光地だけではない市内各地への分散送客とそこでの決済を促します。


飲食店での注文~決済、調理完了のお知らせまでを「LINE」トークルーム上で実施。「通訳いらず・財布いらず」の快適なコミュニケーションを実現します。本機能は2019年1月9日実施の「G20福岡 財務大臣・中央銀行総裁会議 開催記念イベント World Kitchen」にて提供したβ版を基にしたものです。


「LINE Pay」は、2019年以降さらなる増加が見込める訪日客へのスムーズな決済サービスの提供と、日本国内のユーザーに加えより大きなユーザー規模であるインバウンド需要も確実に加盟店へ取り込むことを目的に、『Global Alliance構想』を発表しています。インバウンド向け施策においては、中国・韓国など当アライアンスに参加する各国/地域の決済サービスユーザーが訪日した際、日本国内の「LINE Pay」加盟店・対応箇所において、新たにアプリダウンロードや新サービス登録の手間なく支払い可能となる予定です。(※4)

また、LINEグループではこれまで福岡市実証実験フルサポート事業「キャッシュレス実証実験」などを通じ、福岡市とともにキャッシュレスの推進に取り組んで参りました。2019年4月からは公金・市税支払いにもLINE Payが導入されるなど、福岡市では着実にキャッシュレス化が進んでおりますが、今後キャッシュレスが単に現金決済の代替手段としてではなく、真に暮らしを変えるものとして広く市民に受け入れられ、活用される段階に進むためにも、決済前後のコミュニケーションの円滑化が重要です。


LINEグループはこれからも、AI・FintechなどLINEの先端技術を活用したより豊かで便利なまち(Smart City)の実現を目指して取り組んでまいります。(※5)

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